It pays to have a crisis.


5 years ago, I was struggling to find contentment in my very coveted job- a radio deejay in the local mandarin station. But I was stuck in the night shift for the longest time, clocking wee hours in the morning and heck if it’s not doing all kinds of awry things to my body and immune system.


A simple cough can drag on for months and I’m sick of getting sick. Being on working mode during late hours also tampers with emotional health (well, just look at the number of depressive teenagers roaming the net at night. Figures.) and I was tearing up at the most random things.


So I sought for help…

With retail therapy.


I know I know, you might be going… but Maddie, aren’t you supposed to turn to God and pray and yadda yadda…? Yes, yes, I know… But the flesh is weak and I’m not the brightest kind of girl okay? However, we do remember that God chooses the weak to shame the strong and foolish things to confound the wise right?


So, I was doing online shopping and saw this accessories site that belonged to my friend and I really love her creations. But the prices are steep even for a working adult like me and suddenly I had the weirdest notion. Why not do it myself? Making an earring shouldn’t be all that difficult, right?


I bought some DIY materials from People’s Park Center and though I don’t really know what I was doing half the time, I managed to put together a very simple piece.

I liked it.

So I kept doing it.


One fine day, my friend saw my creations and asked, “They’re nice, why don’t you try selling them?”

Yeah, why not?

I set up a blog and posted the pictures, even signed up for some flea markets and bazaars.orchardcinexmasbazaar

It was super damn tiring but fun and novel. My customer base grew.


After 3 months of setting up shop, I broke even. aae1

I was earning up to $1.5k per month at one point together with my clothing business and I felt really blessed.

A year later, I got called into a Christian ministry to serve for two years and the shop went into hiatus. I had Oliver, and 18 months down, I was having yet another crisis- to go back to the workforce or be a stay at home mum with no income, when my husband reminded me I still have the accessories business to fall back on.


Thus here I am again, after a good three and a half years, Adopt an Earring is back in business.

And must I say, it does pay to have a crisis.



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14 thoughts on “It pays to have a crisis.

  1. Hi mad!! Really peifu u can start up ur own biz! Ive been meaning to do that, like a greeting card biz or smtg to do w illustration but never had the time nor energy to do so. Unfortunately now with the baby its even more tiring, although i’d really love to have a biz to sustain in the event a desk job doesnt work out for me haha.


    1. Not gonna lie, it’s not a walk in the park and definitely takes some sort of discipline (which I have serious lack of), Lol… Maybe you can try but not as a business? I started this out as a hobby with no inkling what it will bring whatsoever.

      And a greeting card biz sounds great. How about e-greeting cards? Or whatsapp greeting cards? U know there’s so many special occasions thru out the year u can just do up one and send it out to see the response. No stress or obligations since you’re just “testing waters”?


    1. No, I’ve never bought them ‘cos it’s pretty psychedelic for me, lol, I’m more into the cutesy type of stuff (I never really grew up, I supposed, LOL)


  2. Hi Maddie (I think this is the first time I ever called anyone else by my own nickname lol), awesome business! I love making earrings too (long time ago when I still had time!!) but I never went into business cos I was too lazy.. haha. Glad you turned a crisis into an opportunity! Keep it up =)


    1. Hi Maddie! I know right? When I first saw your comment in my dash I’m like “when did i leave a comment in my own blog?” LOLLL~~~~ And yes, some things are juz meant to be hobbies cos, well, it’s hobbies. LOLL~


    1. Thank u for finding it inspiring! I think it’s really a matter of God’s work really~ I can be such a lazy ass but then things still gets done so… LOL~


  3. I’m really impressed by your creations! I am actually a huge fan of dangly earrings but haven’t been wearing much of them since I gave birth. Maybe it’s time to do some shopping soon! Haha.


    1. Thank u Zee, u always have the most precious encouraging words~ And I know what u mean, more often than not, I’ve found myself wearing more studs~ but recently I’ve taken to wearing necklaces again bcos it actually serves as a great distraction tool when I’m bringing Oliver out and he’s like getting bored with being stuck in a moving bus~ LOL~


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