Christian Parenting

How to give birth to a Happy baby

I’m not the devout kind of Christian.

I don’t read my bible every day.

I still lie from time to time.

I’ve hit my child in a fit of anger.


I do wrong, but strange enough, God loves me.

You’d think, so how do you know?


I say count your blessings.

I thank God that I have a roof over my head. A loving and giving husband. Chocolates, the 70% cocoa type. Money when I needed it. Music. Friends. Online friends.

I thank God despite my shortcomings, my child still calls me “Mama” sweetly and yearns for a hug. A kiss when I asked for one (ok, maybe sometimes he doesn’t out of cheekiness).

An a glorious smile when I’m about to lose my cool.


What has that got to do with giving birth to a happy baby?


Well, when I was bearing Oliver in my tummy, I bought a book.


It’s my way of forcing myself to stay focused on the Lord during pregnancy because to be totally honest, I know I’m not disciplined enough to do daily devotions.

The book is a week by week guide on how to pray, what to think about during your 41 weeks (for me, it’s 39) of expectancy.


I remember vividly praying for peace and wisdom for Oliver. In French, Oliver means “extending the olive branch” or “to offer peace”. I specifically prayed for him to have “a smile that woos people to the Lord“.

And guess what?


Now when people sees Oliver, they’d tell me, “he’s got such a great smile!”, “he’s such a smiley baby!” and the elders will go, “wa, jin chio heng ah (very good smile)”. If you don’t believe me, come visit us and he’d show you. Haha… He even earned a mini reputation in the neighbourhood for being “the baby that smiles”.


When I brought him to the playground before he could walk, I saw alot of older kids playing as Baby O watches on in awe. That’s when I prayed for him to attain favor amongst friends, that children around him will like him and play with him.


Fast forward 12 months later.

Today when I was bringing O to his playschool, the Chinese teacher who takes care of the elder children told me he’s very well-liked amongst the older kids.


I also noticed that a particular boy likes to talk to him whenever I fetch him home.


Do you know the song “Never stop praying”?

So never give up, never give up, never stop praying

Might be delaying what God can do…


I’m still pretty hap-hazard when it comes to praying, I’d admit. But hey, that doesn’t mean I’m stopping.

Because you know, prayers does change things.

I’ve seen it.


And Oliver experienced it.



So how about you? What did you prayed for that came to pass with your child? Share with me!

And if you’re needing a prayer book like that but can’t find one, just tell me and I’ll give the book to you free! (Don’t mind the scribblings though)


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