Aftermath of CNY & CC

CNY= Chinese New Year

CC= Childcare Center


Chinese New Year for most adults means giving red packets, meeting relatives you see once a year and lots of food. Maybe it means something more for you, but that’s the general picture.

Chinese New Year for Oliver this year, means 4 full days of quality time with Dad and Mom, loads of interactions with people who coo-ed and ca-ed over him and lots of food. Oh, and friends.



He doesn’t know what’s going on half the time and why he gets to sleep late and go out everyday, but that’s not stopping him from having fun.


However, when he returned to school on Thursday, he had the blues.

I call it post-CNY blues.


He hasn’t been crying since we sent him to half day childcare a month ago. And suddenly, he’s clingy and emotional again. Oh well, at least that shows we’ve been doing a good job? *weak laugh*

It also doesn’t help that his teacher quit a few days after.


This is, from what I heard, the problem with most childcare centers. The high turnover rate. Children don’t get to choose their caregivers. He’s gotten attached and missed his teacher Hannah, thus when I fetched him from school that few days, he was pouting and giving that 😦 face again.


The following weekend was slightly better. The outings slowed to a lull and we even got some time to shop at Liang Court after a visitation.


I just want to say, kudos to free stroller rentals!


The Goodbaby stroller smells clean and feels sturdy and smooth.

Baby O totally enjoyed the ride and I’d like to add that the receptionists were helpful and friendly! It definitely enhanced the shopping pleasure. If you want to rent, go to level 2 at the customer service counter (you need to leave your IC with them for rental).


I’ve rented strollers at Parkway Parade before and although the Mothercare stroller is huge and comes with a storage compartment to dump all your stuff, the $3 per hour rental fee was steep.


Other malls that provide free stroller rentals include Bishan J8, City Square Mall, Funan DigitalLife Mall, Harbourfront, ION Orchard, Tampines One and Plaza Sing etc. For the full list, do visit Bumble Bee Mum’s blog and her stroller rental experiences!


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