The net worth of a SAHM


“So you are now staying home to look after your kid?”


“Are you planning to go back to work?”


What do you mean am I “planning to go back to work”?

I’m working now, ain’t I?

24 hours standby a day, 7 days a week.


No rest, No public holidays, No “damn, can I change an alarm clock?”

The daily reminder of a totally dependent, hungry/whiny child starts at 630 am every day.


If I’m the one looking after someone else’s kid in say, a childcare centre or as a nanny, I can earn up to SG$2400 per month. Or maybe $700 if I’m a maid.


So what’s the net worth of a SAHM?

$700? $2400?


To that, I’d like to ask… How do you measure the times of a day? A year?

In seconds? In minutes? In daylights and midnights?


How do you measure love?

The times it took your breath away? The number of each pit-pattering of your heart?


How do you measure the value of a child?

The times he looks up and smiles? The number of “Mama” or “Papa” he calls?

Cries? Laughs? Sings?


I’d say the net worth of an SAHM is endless. Just like the value of a child.

You can’t buy something like that.


And you can’t measure the net worth of a SAHM.

So stop asking whether I’m going back to work.


Because I’m already working. And proud of it.





Hear how other moms view their jobs as $AHM:

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6 thoughts on “The net worth of a SAHM

  1. Love this piece of writing. I’m a FTWM and SAHMs have my utmost respect. I always tell people around me that my job is way more manageable than my job as a mother!


    1. Thank u Zee~ To be honest I think both are tough, it’s just that I think Singaporeans have this typical mindset where if you are not employed under another employer, you’re not considered working. We are sort of boxed up in a set of preconceived notions of what constitutes as working. Though I can totally understand because Singaporeans are mostly economically driven. And being a SAHM, is still largely, deemed as less economically viable. Which is frustrating really, ‘cos hello, we are shaping the generation, that’s like hell of an impt job with no monetary incentives, LOL~


  2. I really enjoyed this! Instead of comparing yourself with moms who work outside the home, you began talking about love and children, etc. A breath of fresh air. 🙂


  3. Haha, your words made me smile. Well said. The value is immeasurable, the potential, unlimited, and the joys, endless. Go, go SAHM. (What’s with all these labels anyway…they don’t mean a thing.) 🙂


    1. Singaporeans have this thing for acronyms, I dun really know why. I mean, I think we’re really the only country that’s smitten with naming every single thing with an acronym, erp, kpi, sahm lol…


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