Hairy Issues

Oliver’s first visit to the hairdressers‘ at 4 months old was a breeze.

We thought it’d always be like that.

But if you are a parent, you should know by now that unpredictability is pretty much a constant with a baby.

A few months later, we brought Oliver to the Junior League‘s branch at Parkway Parade and ended up with a crying, screaming baby. No amount of coaxing and wriggling of noisy toys worked. The session was short and hurried.

It was the same the second time.

This was the only picture I took during one of the sessions, when he was still blissfully unaware that we are going to place him in that dreaded chair again.


When Oliver’s hair grew out again, we tried cutting his hair ourselves and let’s just say, I’m not exactly cut out to be a hairdresser.

So we tried again at Junior League’s, same branch at Parkway Parade. A new haircut before Christmas.

However, this time, it was an old auntie who attended to us. And we were pleasantly surprised to find that not only did Oliver not flinch through out the session, he was actually bobbing a bit to the Barney video in front of him.


The other difference being, Daddy K wasn’t holding on to him this time. He was sitting on the booster chair by himself.

We didn’t even need to bring out the toys and O gave the auntie a sweet smile after she finished.

Daddy K said it’s probably because of age.

Or maybe he’s already expecting it.

So what do you think?

Age? Or just Accustomed?

Personally, I’m just glad we’ve got a tearless Christmas season.


3 thoughts on “Hairy Issues

  1. I found your blog through mummyshymz. My son is 16 months old and he won’t let anyone he doesn’t know do ANYTHING to him!! 😛 It’s an age/stage thing in my experience. My daughter (now 12) was uncomfy around strangers and new things (like haircuts) until she was closer to 2 yrs, while our older son (now 9) was happy with everything and everyone by 8 or 9 months (he is VERY social!!!!!!!). So, I’m thinking out littlest will be more like our daughter. 🙂 Either one is fine because they are all sweet! 😉
    Oh, and I cut everyone’s hair at home (except mine). It is so much cheaper with boys/men because they have to get it done every 5 or so WEEKS when they’re older!
    Your son is ADORABLE, btw!


    1. Somehow I managed to forget to check my comments page everytime i logged in, so sorry for the late moderation LOL~ And I really have to hand it to you ‘cos we tried cutting O’s hair and I don’t think I wanna do it again unless he wants a really avant garde haircut hahaha~~ And thank you so much~ He’s so chubby I think it adds to the cute factor. But then again, I think all children are cute, ha!


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