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Eating out with O

My mother-in-law laments that Oliver is very “可怜 (pitiable)” because I forbid him from eating outside food when he was still under one year old.

Now that O is 16 months, we’ve allowed him some pinches from our meals and his very first “eat out” with us was in a Thai restaurant. I only allowed him the plain rice, vegetables and sunny-side up though, haha…

One of the biggest challenges on eating with Oliver is he can never quite keep his hands to himself. He wants to touch everything on the table and try all the food, which is perfectly normal, but that also means one of us have to keep an eye on him while the other eats first.

Sometimes when both of us are famished, it’s a relay of one spoonful into our mouths and the other into his. Quite stressful if you ask me.

So far, my favorite place for eating out with O is at Japanese restaurants like Ichiban Boshi because of the ample space (to park a stroller and availability of baby chairs) and the wide array of healthier food.

Recently I’ve also tried Nandos, where they provide coloring paper and pencils set for Baby O whilst we are eating.



Another restaurant, Lenas, at Nex Serangoon also has a play area for kids.


I’ve still yet to find a place near our house that serves baby-friendly food (cos it seems most of the kids’ meal are fried or for above 3 years old?) though.

How about you? Where did you take your toddler when he first had his meal out?


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