Baby O’s 1st National day

Yours truly isn’t the patriotic sort.

It wasn’t always like that. I used to be.

Then after some hard reality and growing up, I am only a law-abiding citizen now because I follow God’s law- obey your authority.

However, even though I don’t flag my patriotism, we still dressed Oliver in red & attended the Baby’s Day Out National day special on the 4th August. (which wasn’t at all intentional. we were there because K was part of the organizing team, lol)

We believe that it’s important to teach Oliver the right values- to love your country and your countrymen. No matter how shitty it is or wonderful.

It’s right because nations are made up of people.

And God loves people so much he doesn’t mind that we are shitty (although he cares if we wallow in shit).

So as Oliver tumbled around on anywhere else except the picnic mat, K was busy with his job and I was stoning.

Nice people came up to talk to us but we had to leave after a while because Oliver still sleeps pretty damn early (730 pm).

We went up to the Bay and glanced at the Parade preview and about the time the planes start hooting across the skies, we left for home.

It’s early but I don’t care for flashy parades anymore. I prefer the mellowness of home.

Real. Home.


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