Scrapbooking for Moms

I’m not an avid scrapbooker.

I prefer to type, delete, type… upload… enter enter enter. Words and memories on the internet, however, are transient. If you change a blog, so does part of your memories.

So when Oliver came along, I went to the nearest scrapbooking shop near our house and bought a scrapbooking set. A small one at first, to record all the things I thought interesting at that point of time. Then when O turned 5 months, I finished the first book, so I bought another one, bigger than the first.

It was at O’s first birthday party when I realized scrapbooking, to alot of people, seems a difficult, almost impossible task.

When I brought out the two scrapbooks, many people marveled, “You got time to do this ah?”

I was a bit surprised with the effect it had on them because, it didn’t take me long to do it at all, like 15 mins max per 1-2 months? I actually feel a bit guilty with all the praise cos I didn’t expect people to be impressed with something that is quite effortless on my part.

So, if you want to try scrapbooking, here’s how I do it, with little effort, much results šŸ™‚

1. You have to want to do it.

Sounds silly right? But if you find even writing a short note or pasting a photo takes more energy than say, facebooking and clicking “like”, don’t even start. It’d be a torture.

2. Buy a polaroid camera.

I think we all agree this is a digital age. Scrapbooking, however, is something almost organic, primitive even, to some. It uses papers and pens, requires photos and writing.

You can still take pictures with your phone, digicam or SLR, but they will probably remain stored in some electronic devices or hard drive somewhere, never seeing the light of the day.

Polaroids, however, give you immediate results yet the effects of nostalgia. Think Instagram in real life form.

I got mine off Gmarket at $115. Films another $80 for 100 pcs.

If you want to make it worth the money, use them. Lend them to friends. You’ll find that people still are, very much fascinated with polaroid cameras.

3. Buy a scrapbooking set.

If you prefer to select each and every piece of paper, templates, stickers etc… go ahead. But I’m the wavering type so I’ll probably spend too much time and braincells at that it’d take all the enthusiasm and joy from actually making one.

There’s alot of ready templates for all themes in scrapbooking shop nowadays, so just get one, or ask the friendly sales person to help you.

4. Don’t hold up too much before you start writing/decorating.

I take about 4-5 polaroids per month. 9-10 when I’m in the mood. Then I paste them in the book with fabric tapes (u can get them from Daiso or scrapbooking shops) and write some notes alongside it. Mark the month or title with the stickers/headers provided in the set.

Do a bit every month.

Don’t force yourself, but don’t wait til you have like more than 10 to do it cos, it’d be a big headache and too much trouble to look at and you’d just think “maybe next time when I’ve the time”, to which you probably won’t.

5. Keep the scrapbook at a visible place.

Then you won’t forget to update them.

Lastly, scrapbooks are meant to be personal. Make it your own. It doesn’t have to be fancy or wordy. It doesn’t have to look or be done in a certain way.

Be lazy about it. Be active.

Be creative, be boring.

It’s ultimately, “scrap” booking.

You can and are supposed to, scrap.


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