Brutally Honest Reviews

Organic Baby Pasta- Heinz, Orgran & Ella’s.

I started Oliver on pasta when he’s 8 months old with Heinz Baby Pasta Stars and the mini spaghetti. It’s easy to cook (ready in 2 mins), small and easy for baby’s first chewing practice.

When O is ready for chunks at 10 months old, I tried Orgran Rice & Corn Vegetables Animal Shapes pasta.

It’s readily available in most supermarkets like NTUC Fairprice. The animal shapes are uber cute but Baby O hasn’t learnt how to appreciate it and had some difficulties at first with the size.

Then I came across this Ella’s kitchen pasta at Brown Rice Paradise in Tanglin Mall. It’s on 50% sale so I got it for $3 plus. There’s 4 ready-to-boil packages inside, the mini squares pasta is fused with spinach and tomato so it has three different colors.

It tastes oddly similar to the animal shapes pasta though~ you’d definitely have to add something else inside if your baby is a picky eater.

Oliver pretty much embraces everything that’s called food so I hadn’t much problem getting him to eat this tasteless entree.

What other pasta have you tried on your baby?


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