Mayday at East Coast Park

So, Oliver has been sick for the past week, down with cough and runny nose. I’m not very sure whether he caught it from me. I’ve been nursing a cough for the past 2 months plus but he didn’t catch it until I almost recovered.

Anyway, after cooping at home for 5 days, we took the Mayday holiday as a chance to bring him out for some fresh air and get-togethers… something which little Oliver loves. He loves people. And he loves to smile at people šŸ™‚

Ok, maybe he likes to gawk at people too… the little lady next to him is Annabel, the sleeping beauty is Lecia.

I confess, I’m not very sure what goes on in his head sometimes…

Tired from staying awake for 4 hours…

Ah… Thank God for a rainless outing… and the delicious snacks (though I can’t eat much since I juz recovered).


One thought on “Mayday at East Coast Park

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