Bye books. Buy clothes.

The last book I bought from Borders Parkway was “Great House” by Nicholas Krauss.

Suddenly Borders closed. Uniqlo came.

To those pushing the blame on Uniqlo, you probably should have just bought a book.

I like Uniqlo. For its comfort wear, artists collaborations and simple designs. We visited Uniqlo Parkway’s last day opening sale. Besides Andy Warhol, Laura Ashley, Peanuts collaborations etc… there’s Orla Kiely.

I liked the vintage inspired prints tee. I also bagged a UT mellowed red basic cardigan which I’ve been looking for ever since I saw her on a design site, without the hefty price tag. The cardigan was originally $34.90, sale price $24.90. The tee was $19.90.

I wondered how the earnings were like for this UT branch, cos I vaguely remembered UT tote bags were given free to only the first 500. But after opening for 4 days, we still got the tote.

This is like the most serious shopping I ever did after 9 months of being a mommy. Lol~


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