Good Friday Playdate

We visited a friend’s house expectantly on Good Friday. A playmate was supposedly gonna be introduced. A boy.

Since O was mostly surrounded by girls (lucky guy!), we thought it’s a good chance for him to get into some buddy-buddy mood.

This was how they look like when they first met.

Jaden is 1 month younger. But it didn’t take long for the usually “talkative” O to open up once he finished his very important meal.

There wasn’t much “play” going on except for lots of baa baa baa-ing and random shrieks at the end of the session.

We shared our anecdotes with our little ones, and when we got to the part about labour experiences, I was once again reminded how blessed I am. For one with such low threshold of pain, it is only by God’s Grace which allowed me to go thru the labour armed with only laughing gas and breathing techniques.

Thank God… and for Easter. 😀 Which isn’t about bunnies anyway. Incidentally, in the Chinese horoscope, O is born in the year of the bunny. But to me, he was born in the year of Grace.


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