Hauls from Baby fair expo, Feb 25

We wanted a bumper mat for O after he learnt crawling so we won’t have to drag him back to the center of the bed everytime he crawled for 3 steps or risk him knocking his head on the floor.

Alot of mommies recommends getting from Singapore Motherhood under the Bulk purchase forum, but I had been eyeing the Parklon bumper mat from “smallsmallworld” introduced by my friend.

So when I got wind they are hosting a booth today, I dragged my reluctant body (attacked by an onset of cold virus) to the swamp of eager discount seekers like myself at Singapore Expo.

We got there late and there wasn’t enough time nor space to maneuver in the packed hall. Anyhow, we bought the big Parklon bumper mat at $180, 10 bibs ($24.90) and 2 packs of baby pasta from Heinz.

The bumper mat comes with a free gift- a small bumper mat juz big enough for an adult’s butt.

Baby pasta stars!


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