Brutally Honest Reviews

Bibs. Size matters.

Ah, the one other essential thing besides diapers, milk and breastpump… Bibs.

I’ve tried most kinds. While normal cutesie bibs will suffice during baby’s first few months, when baby starts to drool like a tap, or having solids, you might need something more than juz a piece of teensy-weensy cloth with some cheesy lines like “I love Mom/Dad” on it. No fumbling with tying strings either. And of course, size matters, unfortunately 🙂

Here’s a list of my favourite bibs:

1. Mum2Mum Wonder Bib

Good for : Catching drool and water. Good for babies with eczema or reflux. Touted to hold up to 1/4 cup of water. Good coverage.

Cons : Slightly warm for Singapore’s weather. Short neckline for bigger babies.

I’ve got both the Standard size and the Bandana. Needless to say, the Bandana wins on style, but if your baby really drools ALOT, it might help to get the bigger sized version.

Where to buy: Mothercare, SG$14.90

2. Sassy ez-clean-pocket Bib

Good for : Weaning. Small tight neckline to catch liquids flowing down the neck. Big, yet soft enough to allow for baby to hold bottle without being obstructed. Pocket to catch escaping solids. Waterproof on the front.

Cons : Not waterproof on the back. Doesn’t dry as quickly as completely waterproof bibs. Ugly. (Sorry, I’m juz not a big fan of zebras wearing shoes, and the colors… doesn’t quite work for me. The weird spots makes it look like some sick animal.)

This is by far the bib with the most perfect neckline for my baby, who doesn’t fare quite well on keeping liquids in his mouth, especially plain water.

Where to buy: Isetan $11.90.

3. Friso Growing up together bib (Free)

I wonder why Friso doesn’t go into the baby layette line already. They make the most perfect mittens and bibs, and they are free! This is in fact my favourite bib before baby was weaned. It’s long enough to catch and wipe all drool. Soft and comfy. The design is a bit unimaginative though.

Some other bibs I’ve tried:

Combi Soft Compact bib

Pros: Easy to clean, fast-dry with adjustable neck.

Cons: The neck is so adjustable it loosens if O just grabs and yanks it off. Wrong size for my baby, cos of the slightly harder material, when O was trying to hold his bottle up to drink, his arms gets caught on the side of the bib.

Ikea Kladd Randig bib

Pros: Easy to clean, fast dry.

Cons: Very large neckline, can’t catch dribbling liquids and spills as there’s no pockets.

Ikea Kladd Prickar bib

Pros: Highly protective esp for outings when you don’t want any carrot/peas stains on that precious cutie outfit.

Cons: Slightly warm for Singapore’s weather. NOT suited for babies who hates changing into clothes. If not, this would have made it to my favourites.

Skip Hop tuck-away Bib

Pros: Super cute! Lovely designs.

Cons: Very thin material, absorbs liquid although it’s supposed to be waterproof, making baby’s clothing wet. This is a very big boo-boo especially since this bib is supposedly for weaning purposes.

Carter’s bib

Pros: Cute design.

Cons: Waterproof but cos it’s still made of cloth material so still absorbs some liquid and stains.

We got this free from attending PD Ang Aik Tin’s weaning talk, so I’m not sure of the price.

Do you have a favourite bib? Share your thoughts!


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