Baby Food & Recipes

Preparing baby food for O

Daddy K joked the amount of baby food in the fridge looks like O is stocking up for a war.

He’s exaggerating, but the amount of time spent making all these is no joke, especially if you are a cook noob like me.

I depend very much on my Avent Steamer-blender,

and Baby cubes which I got off gmarket to store his purees.

However, being the very “smart” rookie mom I am, of course I had to spoil the blender like just when O was eating more. I accidentally forgot to flip the jug and cos it’s half-lodged, the steamer mode engaged anyway. By the time I noticed the water flowing into the motor, it was already 20 mins and the pumpkin was cooked. Oh, great.

So we sent it back to Philips at Toa Payoh to repair (another $30 down the drain cos it’s too far from our home and both my hubs and I doesn’t have time to go down during weekdays) and I was stuck with the conventional method cooking for a while.

And then, by God’s grace, I noticed this Sistema Microwaveable Steamer selling in Ntuc Fairprice for only $16.90. And it’s BPA free!

I got it straight away and although microwaving baby’s food isn’t the most healthy way, it’s temporary and cuts my cooking time by alot.

Ok, so you might ask, why don’t you just buy ready made baby food?

Er… besides the point that I actually like to cook, I read in Gina Ford’s book they do not provide as much calories, which babies need. In the end, baby might eat quite alot but still wake up for more. Waking up in the middle of the night to a hungry baby’s wailing is the last thing I want on my plate.

So at 6 months plus, O’s schedule looks something like that:

6:30-7:00 am       : 180 ml formula milk

10:30-11:00 am   : 6 tsp pumpkin puree, 6 tsp pea puree

2:00-2:30 pm       : 180 ml formula milk

5:30-6:00 pm       : 5 tsp baby rice with 6 tsp pear puree

After bath at 7pm : 180 ml


I buy organic as much as possible since there’s an organic market nearby, but the price is still a considerable factor since K’s the only breadwinner now. So far we’ve given him organic pears, apples, pumpkins, prunes, rice, carrots, cauliflower etc..

The “P” word is always welcome cos coincidentally, many fruits that aids in digestion starts with the “P” word, prune, peas, peach… O is prone to constipation once he started on Stage 2 formula milk. We have since switched him back to Stage 1 Nan and giving more fruits and veggies.

He still hasn’t started on banana as the “BRAT” diet is to be avoided when baby is suffering from constipation= “Banana, Rice, Apple and Toast”.

So for now, it’s more “P” and no “BRAT”. Ok, maybe besides the rice and apple I’m giving in the evening 🙂 But hey, he’s finally starting to drink a little water and taking some probiotics too, so hopefully the constipation is kept at bay.


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