Nestle Baby Club goodie bag

We got our free Nestle Baby Club goodie bag!

O has been a Nestle baby all these while, cos he’s got eczema and Nestle is the only Stage 1 formula in the market which is hypoallergenic (besides Mamex which I can’t seem to find near my house).

So I went to the Nestle Baby club’s website and signed up as a member. In return, a goodie bag is courier to your doorstep, with a tin of 400g Nestle Nan (Ha or Pro, you get to choose), 3 packs of Cerelac brown rice, Graduates Puff (I got peach) and a jar of Gerber’s Applesauce (Not in the pic as I put in the fridge already).

If your baby is ok with any formula, you can also register as a member in Dumex and get a free sample. Friso also sends free samples if you call their hotline at 64198484.

I have a good impression of Friso cos of the free mittens we received at TMC. Ok, before you call me a cheapskate, the reason I like Friso was the mittens seems to be the perfect size for baby, won’t come off and stays useable after many wash. I’ve got some mittens that has fur balls only after a few washes.

Free isn’t always so bad sometimes 🙂


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