Happy New Year! Beware of the “Ziman effect”!

So it’s 2012.

But being a SAHM, everyday seems almost the same, maybe with just nuances here and there, especially O’s growth.

He’s growing fast and furious, and I had been scouting online for some new “upgrades” for him, including his first foods “equipment”. Haha.

That’s when I came across a rather interesting website, called “The Ziman Effect”.

It’s a mommy’s retaliation to a scammer online. She had bought a bundle of clothes from this mommy named Ziman but the clothings were not as described. Subsequent efforts to contact the mommy were ignored and through some online sleuthing, she realised the mommy was re-selling stuff she had gotten for free. This mommy then decided to set up a blog to expose her deeds and also provide a platform for victims like herself to warn other mommies about similar scams.

For a frequent online shopper like me, it was truly enlightening and thank God~ I’ve yet encounter such cheats.

So if you are looking for some good deals online this new year, just be careful of the “Ziman effect” 🙂

“Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” – Matt 10:16


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