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Stopping brown rice for a while…

Baby O has always love his milk… be it the good ole’ natural breastmilk from eats-possibly-anything mom, manufactured formula milk Mamil, Nan Pro, then cos of his eczema, the slightly bitter Nan Ha.

So I thought the upgrade to solids would be easy. Or so I thought.

Baby O’s very first attempt at solids was brown rice cereal from Happy Bellies. It just so happens the week we started him on that, I came down with food poisoning and Daddy K had to babysit him for a while.

He was fussy, waking up earlier from his usual naps and crying. Or rather, screaming for us to pick him up.

We were wondering whether he was “bullying” Daddy K cos mommy wasn’t well. The new eating regime also clashes with his new found skills- he had learnt to sit up without support and trying to stand on his own two feet. After monitoring for 4 days, we stopped the brown rice cereal and I tried apple puree 3 days later.

After 3 days, we noticed he was the usual happy baby again. Just to make sure, I fed him half teaspoon of brown rice last night after his usual milk feed cos he was feeling slightly more hungry that day.

He woke up in the middle of night at 3 am, screaming the house down.

And so, off goes the brown rice cereal. It’s back to normal fruits and veggy for the little one.


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