Happy 5 months old!

So ever since Baby O learnt to flip, I’ve been waking up to see him lying on his tummy in the morning, brimming with happiness when he sees me.

Took him out to shop for his first cereals today. It’s been some time since I last carried him in the Beco, he still enjoys it and kept his eyes peeled open even though he was obviously tired. So much so after half an hour, he looks like that:

Out with the Boy

Everywhere I go, people marveled at how big he is (much to my embarrassment. I can’t help he’s this size esp since even our PD commented he’s not eating alot but absorbing well, hahaha…)

Went to Four Seasons Organic market, had wanted to get white rice cereal but they’ve only got brown mostly. I selected Happy Bellies brand in the end cos it is dairy/gluten free, screams of iron/DHA fortified and in a partly made of recycled materials tin. I like that.

Happy Bellies brown rice cereal

After 2+ hours of shopping, Baby O was obviously ready to konk. But the thing about my boy is, he seems so passionate about the world and determined not to miss out anything that by the time we got home, he hadn’t slept in 3 hours!

Most hilarious thing is, he let out a uber huge SIGH when I put him down. It sounds like a “Phew! That was tiring!” kinda sigh, lol~ He proceeded to play on his bed by flipping again  and laughing out loud whenever I turned him back and tried to get him to nap with no avail.

After shower and dinner, he K.O.ed almost immediately. But an hour later, he woke crying, flipped on his tummy. When I went in, his little face was turned towards the direction of the door and going:


I settled him with his toy mobile on. When I checked on the baby monitor again, he was back on his tummy watching the toy mobile. Ok la, I must admit that’s quite cute 🙂

Baby O watching his toy mobile

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