Babies Best Toys…

I got Baby O a Lamaze Peacock at Robinsons for $18.90 after reading online reviews, even before he was born.

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock

Baby O was over-stimulated by Jacques at first, whining and turning away less than 3 mins after looking at it. But as he got older, I really see how the toy grew with Baby O’s needs. He first noted the backside where there’s black and white shapes. When he started to appreciate colors, he was fascinated by the peacock’s face, beak and wings. And at 3 months plus, he started playing with the textured domes and wings as they make crackly sounds.

Most of his other toys are hand-me-downs. However, he doesn’t react much to the cute Tigger rattle and Bright Star plastic toys.

Hand-me-down: Lamaze "Discovery Farm" Clothbook

So when I was looking for a playgym to engage his motor development, I naturally tend towards Lamaze products. When Robinsons was having a sale, I got a Lamaze Pyramid at $89.90.

The pyramid has hanging toys (squeaking, crackling and rattle function), a mirror and a Sundial that can be baby-activated. The mat is reversible to double up as play mat when baby can sit and a peek-a-boo door with boy and girl dolls for role-play.

Lamaze Pyramid

The downside is it’s pretty small for Baby O and he doesn’t have space to flip. The toys also tend to slip out of the white hoop when he pulls at it and ends up in his mouth.

Here’s a demo play:

However, like all babies, Baby O doesn’t need expensive manufactured toys to keep him happy and busy.

A magazine flyer from the mailbox performed the same objective:

So if you ask me, the best toy to a baby is You. And maybe anything you can find lying around, better still, they are usually free!

My baby just spent the last 20 mins laughing when he saw me eating, cos he thought it’s funny seeing food disappear into my mouth. 🙂


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