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Shopping Review: Online shop- Lamkins (Singapore)

I do alot of online shopping. Even before baby was out, I frequent Etsy, Gmarket, Ebay, Taiwan/Hongkong yahoo auction sites etc… With Baby O, I became even more reliant on these avenues.

There’s quite a few decent online baby shops, you can visit the “Useful resources for rookies” category in my site for some selections.

So, the other day, I’m looking for presents for two separate baby girls, aged 1 & 2. And I saw this:

Skip Hop Backpacks! Super cute right?!?

It’s for 3 years old and above. But heck! They are so cute even I want them! So I thought I’ll just buy them anyway, with the Zoo lunchies.

I checked Skip Hop’s official site for Singapore’s authorised dealer and came up with Bloom & Grow. Here’s the list of stockists in Singapore.

After searching comparing prices, I decided on Lamkins cos they carry the designs I felt the 2 little girls might like.

The site is easy to navigate. As with all shopping sites, we registered first for an account. After we made our selection and added to shopping cart, we paid for it via Credit card. Paypal is also available. Free shipping for SG$60 and above.

An email confirmation was sent and 2 days later, we received an SMS telling us our items would be delivered tomorrow via courier.

This is where the not-so-nice part happened. We were told the parcel would arrive 2-4pm. It was a rainy weekday, so I had expected some delays. However, at 405pm, the parcel still didn’t come.

I called my husband to let him know and also contacted the Lamkin’s customer service. The guy was very apologetic and said they’ve already handed the item to the courier and it could have been delayed at their side. He promised to check back with us as soon as he calls the courier. Sure enough, he later told my husband they would be a bit delayed.

So finally, the parcel arrived near 7pm, 2 hours past the expected delivery time. The four bags were packed in a yellow plastic bag as seen below:

And the cuties inside:

They had the Bloom and Grow Asia tag on it (HongKong office). I was a tad disappointed it was “Made In China” and the late delivery left me stuck at home almost all day with the darned drilling going on upstairs whilst Baby O was trying to get to sleep. However, I noted the stitching was very decent and understood the delivery was a glitch on Ta-Q-Bin’s side. To be honest, I hadn’t expect someone to pick up the phone at all, but the Lamkin’s customer service was really prompt and understanding. Kudos to that.

So would I buy again from this online shop? Yes.

Ease of shopping: 5/5

Delivery speed: 3/5

Product satisfaction: 4.5/5

Overall experience: 4/5



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