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Baby carriers: Beco or Ergo?

I got a carrier cos I had a hunch Baby O’s gonna be big (I was right :)) and we don’t own a car, strollers for newborns are usually bulky and slings seems too flimsy for this clumsy mommy.

After doing some research online, I scaled down to 3:

Baby Bjorn, Beco and Ergo.

Baby Bjorn is easily available & popular with alot of mommies in Singapore, especially the mesh fabric which is suitable for our sunny climate. But it has mixed reviews, mostly cos of the comfort level after long hours of baby wearing.

Beco and Ergo, has thicker material but earns impressive reviews for their easy learning curve, durability and comfort.

My friend owns both an Ergo and Combi carrier and she loves her Ergo to bits whilst Combi only earns a special space in her house- the store room.

I decided to go for Beco because I’m more petite and a sucker for nature & Japanese-inspired prints, which Beco and Rose & Rebellion boasts of.

You can see a general baby carrier comparison chart here: Buckler Carrier Comparison

Beco Butterfly or Beco Gemini?

The most important feature difference is Gemini has forward-facing function whilst Butterfly doesn’t, whereas Butterfly has a higher maximum weight at 20 kg and Gemini at 16kg.

Incidentally, I saw a Beco Butterfly II on Ebay for a decent price of SG$199 and decided to get it first.

Else you could wait out and try the carriers when baby is out at United Square here. After all, a carrier easily costs 4 times the price of a sling and you want to be sure your baby doesn’t scream hate every time you put her in.

I’m mighty glad I got a carrier cos Baby O weighs 7.2 kg at 3 months old and the padded shoulder straps makes for more comfortable strolling and walking. It also works like a charm when Baby O cries tiredness and the minute I put him in and walked, he sleeps. I’m not kidding. It’s like there’s a sleepy button inside that clicks on the moment he’s strapped in.

The downside? It’s hot. Cos Singapore is damn hot. But oh well, sweat or sanity? I choose the latter.

Fakes & counterfeit carriers

You might have notice some really great deals for these hefty carriers online at almost half the price. But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Here’s a guide to help you decipher the real and the fake. Counterfeit Carriers

As I bought mine on ebay as well, I quickly checked my carrier and Thank God! It’s authentic, made in California, heh heh…

Be prudent, but Be smart and Be safe! Happy baby wearing!


4 thoughts on “Baby carriers: Beco or Ergo?

    1. Lol~ I think we need to get used to it. At first I was always worrying whether baby can breathe, is the carrier too tight, is his legs squashed etc… but after using it quite a few times and trying out diff positions, it gets more comfortable for baby and myself, heh heh.. so use it more often! Make ur money worth also, hahah~~~


  1. You got a Beco Butterfly II off Ebay but it says made in Canada? From the official website, doesn’t say any of them are made in Canada… confused!


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