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Choosing a gynae?

I must admit, I don’t really like my gynae at first. Dr Sim Lee Ngor was recommended by my cell group leader’s wife. I researched on some gynaes who are pro-natural birth and she happened to be one of them. Thus we decided to go to her.

The first few visits were both short and long. The waiting time was long (anytime from half an hour to 2 hours), the consultation was short (5-10 mins). I felt she was rather choppy and matter-of-fact in her replies, somewhat impatient. However, looking at her number of patients, I guess she couldn’t chit chat with every single one of us.

When she told me my placenta was slightly low, I didn’t quite understand what it implicated. Not til we went for our pre-natal class and Mrs Wong BB asked what stage it was. I called the clinic and the report said it was covering the cervix, which seemed pretty serious cos Mrs Wong advised me not to follow the exercises.

I’m glad, though, Dr Sim didn’t make a big deal out of it. She seemed convinced it was just temporary. And temporary it was. My placenta moved up at week 36.

I was most impressed with her accurate observations.

On the day of delivery, she just took one look at me and admitted me straight away. I remembered the nurse grumbling why did she sent me in when my water bag haven’t broke. But when she gave me a vaginal exam, the nurse exclaimed I was already 5 cm dilated!

The stitching was also quick and it didn’t hurt too much after the first week.

After birth, she seemed more friendly as well, giving breastfeeding advice and encouraging me to carry on. When we brought baby O in, she was gushing: “Hi! Do you remember me?”

So would I recommend her? If you prefer professional, fair observations, yes. Just don’t expect her to chat you up like a long-lost friend though. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Choosing a gynae?

  1. Hi,

    I am considering Dr Sim as my gynae.
    May I know how much did Dr Sim charge for the delivery and the Doc attendance fee?

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Phin, congrats for ur pregnancy! woohoo~~! As for charges, typically, the first 2 visits will be more expensive cos of ultrasound, urine/blood test n vitamins etc. My first visit worked up to $240. U can read the details in my blog here: After 20 weeks, if you are sure u are engaging her, she will have a package for u, 20 weeks til labour, Dr Sim’s charges was $700. Delivery starts from $900 plus onwards, depending on ur type of delivery. I had natural delivery. If you need epidural, it’s abt $1.3k onwards. For c-sect, jumpstarts frm $1.6k (if i rem correctly). In all, I spent about $2.5k, after deducting frm medisave. I chose 2-bedder at TMC.


      1. Hi Niza, no, I chose the 2-bedder from the start cos I wanted the ease of 2 occupants to one toilet (i’m pretty glad for that cos i was oozy during the trip to the toilet), and i heard with the new beds added to TMC, such upgrading is not available anymore. BTW, I’ve moved this site to , you might want to reply to this thread at cos I won’t be updating this site anymore 🙂


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