Jun 30, 2011

11:30 am: Passed the Mucous plug. “Bloody show”.

Mucous Plug- a plug that seals the cervical canal during pregnancy to protect baby from bacteria and infection. When cervix dilates, it will come out in lumps, esp brown, pink or slight blood-tinged mucous looking discharge if you are near labour (after 36 weeks). It is usually painless and many mommies don’t even notice it until their water bag breaks.

I was chatting with my hubby across his lap when it happened. He startled and asked: “Did you pass urine?” I retorted: “No.” We both looked down. It’s colorless except with tinges of blood. I immediately recognised it as “mucous plug”.

“It’s my mucous plug la!”

At that moment, I realised labour is imminent, maybe within 24 hrs to 3 days time and felt really excited and nervous at the same time.

K went into a frenzy of cleaning the bedsheet. His nervousness showed when he started fretting over whether we’ve got enough bedsheets and even panicked: “Dear, I can’t find the bedsheet! We’ve only got 2 sets, I can’t find the other one!”

I ate my waffles with honey and told him to look again. Finally, he found it with much relief. And then he suggested I should put towels everywhere I sit from now on. I looked at him: “I’m wearing (sanitary) pad la.”


Called the gynae cos I’ve got GBS, she told me to monitor and don’t worry. 🙂

Jul 1, 2011

9:30 am: Contractions.

I started having mild contractions since 5am. It felt like a dulling pain. I remembered looking at K as he dressed for work at 7am whilst I laid in bed, feeling like a cow in labour. The cramps started getting more real and constant. Something like menstrual cramps. I’m not one with much menstrual cramps in the first place. It’s not Braxton Hicks cos no matter how I stand/lie/sit, the pain won’t go away.

By 9:30, I went for a shower and suspected my water bag broke. The contractions were coming at 6 mins apart instead of the initial 10 mins or so. I called the gynae’s office and informed them I’ll be coming in. Rang K immediately to fetch me to the hospital.

10:30 am: Active Labour.

My gynae looked at me as I was sitting at the reception table with a weak smile. She admitted me straight away. We headed to the admission room where I was asked to disrobe and put on the hospital gown. K went downstairs to process the admission. The nurse kept asking: “Are you leaking? Are you leaking?” I didn’t get what she meant, am I leaking what? Mucous plug or water bag?

I laid on the hospital bed with a curtain drawn around. The nurse gave me a vaginal check (which I thought felt worse than my contractions), announced I’m 5 cm dilated and my membrane is still intact. As we waited, I started feeling a little hungry so we enquired the nurse.

“Didn’t you eat breakfast in the morning?” She asked.

“Yes, but that’s 2 hours ago. I’m feeling hungry again.” I replied.

She joked other mommies were struggling with their contraction pains yet I can think of food. She got us some toast and milo. We can hear a mommy in the opposite hospital bed chatting with her husband and another mommy next to us on a breathing apparatus sounding like Darth Vader: “Hee… Haw… Hee… Haw…”

After some time, the contractions were coming at 2-3 mins and getting unbearable. I asked for pain relief and was offered laughing gas. The mask smelt horrid. But coupled with the Lamaze breathing techniques I learnt in pre-natal class, it worked. I fathomed I can still switch to epidural after that.

2 pm: Counting down…

The nurse had wanted to clear my rectum but cos my baby was sleeping, she can’t administer it and by the time my baby woke, she forgot about it. My gynae checked on me and when I dilated to 8 cm, I was pushed to the birth room.

I couldn’t keep track of time by then and only focused on my breathing. All the nurses who came in passed encouraging remarks like: “Wah! So brave! Only laughing gas ah?”, “You ok? I think you look fine…”, “Good job har! Very brave!”

I felt the need to push after a while, but according to my husband, all that came out was shit. Too bad, the nurse forgot to clear my bowels. When the nurse came in again and asked whether I want to push, I only nodded and she said: “Ok, well, let’s see you try!” After that, it was a flurry of movements and I heard the nurses clanging apparatus around (my eyes were closed in pain by then) and my gynae coming in.

The nurse at my left was especially loud and encouraging: “Ok! One, two, three, push! 1, 2, 3, 4…9, 10! Very good! Somemore?” It went on for quite a while. Seriously, it felt like really bad tummy pain and my eyes were squeezed shut. After alot of pushes, my gynae went: “Ok, last time har, should come out already, come.” And in three pushes, I felt Oliver sliding out and my gynae told me to stop pushing. Remembering the breathing techniques, I panted whilst she handed the scissors over to K for cutting the umbilical cord and cleared my placenta.

3:50 pm: I was exhausted.

She asked me in a chirpy voice: “Do you want to see your baby?” That’s when I finally opened my eyes and held him at my side. It was surreal. I didn’t cry, only concerned whether he’s ok.

Whilst being weighed, I heard him cry out loud from the cold. He was a 3.05kg. 50 cm tall healthy boy. 🙂

Baby Oliver

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