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Good Reads before giving Birth

Fancy reading up? If you live in Singapore, a rookie mom like myself, I suggest hitting the libraries before you click to buy. The NLB carries a decent collection you can borrow and save yourself that extra dollars.

Some recommendations:

1. Babyfacts: The truth about your child’s health from Newborn thru Preschool

Author: Dr William Sears

Dr Sears

Dr Sears has an almost emphatic approach to baby parenting, tailoring parenting methods to babies’ individual character rather than a week-to-week guide on what a parent should do. This book addresses some common baby facts misconceptions. I also recommend his other book: The Fussy Baby Book if you want to be mentally prepared for a high-need child. You can also visit Dr Sears site for more info and selections.

2. The Baby Whisperer: How to calm, connect and communicate with your baby

Author: Tracy Hogg

Tracy Hogg

Dubbed the “baby whisperer”, nanny Tracy Hogg shares her “E.A.S.Y” method- a combination of baby-led and parent-led style of parenting. “E.A.S.Y”- meaning “EAT. ACTIVITY. SLEEP. YOU” breaks the day into easy-to-follow and flexible schedules, with naturalistic tips to communicating with baby. She stressed on giving babies respect, e.g. speaking to baby directly as a person, instead of talking over babies’ head with friends or laughing on the phone when changing diapers. Tracy Hogg passed on at age 44 in 2004 with cancer, yet her method is still largely applicable and a blessing to many parents.

3. The New Contented Little Baby Book

Author: Gina Ford

Gina Ford

Arguably one of the most acclaimed yet controversial baby book authors, former maternity nurse Gina Ford follows a strict parent-led schedule. She advises parents to settle babies into a routine as soon as possible and gives detailed feeding and sleeping timings. Mommies who are used to routines themselves will find this book hugely informative. Gina Ford also has an official site where you can log on to view more books and info.


Wanna recommend what you read? Leave a comment!


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