I think I’m pregnant, so what now?

First, take a pregnancy test.

A urine test (the most common) can give you an accurate result around the time your period is normally due. All pregnancy tests measures the amt of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), aka pregnancy hormones, in your body.

You can choose to:

1. Buy a pregnancy test kit from any pharmacy. My suggestion is, get the cheapest kind. Cos almost all test kits sold in SG pharmacies are safe and reliable for use, you can only use it once, then have to throw it away. The one I got costs about SG$13 and it’s a pee-in-midstream stick kind.

For best results, test in the morning when your HCG level is the highest.

Of course, if you want something fancy like telling you how far you are into your pregnancy or juz looks sleeker, go ahead. I got a Clearblue pregnancy test kit that costs $25 which does exactly that juz to confirm the pregnancy again… haha…

2. Do a urine test at any GP clinic near your house. They usually give you a cup to pee in and tell you the results in a few minutes time. The difference to doing a home pregnancy test is you get more advice from a doc, who might also recommend you some hospitals or gynaes, esp if you are close to your family doc. A urine test at the clinic typically costs $20 excluding the GP charges.

If you are pregnant, then CONGRATULATIONS!

The bible says we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”. If you read how a baby is created in the womb, it’s no wonder having a baby is nothing short than a miracle and intricate designed gift from God. 🙂






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